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HOUSE tweaking's vision is to help you make more time to enjoy life


By simplifying our homes we open ourselves to new opportunities and experiences. Create areas of balance, calmness and harmony


Having your house organised will allow you to become more focused, productive and achieve goals. Implement new systems to enable ongoing and future success


Create spaces that reflect your style and experiences. Living spaces and the objects within should tell your personal story

HOUSE tweaking understands that letting go of personal items and re-organising one’s life is as much an emotional process as a physical one. It can be overwhelming and difficult and there is no one answer for everyone. With warmth, understanding and enthusiasm for every project we make organising fun



The more we have going on around us in a visual space, the more load it places on our working memory. By freeing up our working memory we think clearer (clarity), we’re better able to make decisions and gain enhanced problem solving. It’s not surprising that the result from de-cluttering and implementing new organisation strategies has the potential to positively affect every aspect of our lives, from our career to finances and relationships.

De-cluttering a home is a significant project. Working in partnership with you we will assess the household and define your vision, needs & goals. From gathering information, determining what belongs and what doesn’t, we will create a personalised plan that breaks the project into a number of manageable sub-tasks (rooms or areas) and guides you towards making realistic decisions. By categorising items and areas, we help you de-clutter and organise your house into a more efficient and welcoming home.

House tweaking will help you see beyond the clutter and visualise the room’s spatial potential, creating a more inviting personal space or home.

With personalised support and motivation to prevent future clutter from accumulating we will create a stylised habitat for ongoing stress free living.


Being organised is the key to success. Having your house organised will allow you to become more focussed, productive and able to achieve your goals.

We start by visualising what you want to achieve, gathering information on how you operate in your home and then determining what does and does not belong. Spending time arranging your items in a logical and memorable manner will lead to a more efficient lifestyle, giving you more time for doing the things you love.

I will create a personalised plan, just for you, that outlines the organisational goals and the processes we will put in place to achieve them.

Once your home is organised the key to remaining that way is implementing new routines that turn into positive habits. I will take the time to understand who you are, how you live and your personal style. From this I will help you establish a structured system so that you can continue to categorise, store and then locate everything you need, without frustration, chaos or stress.

My experience as a Professional Organiser tells me what will work for you, with ongoing support and motivation to keep you on track and organised, restoring balance to your life and saving you time and money.

When your home and business have been organised, you can stop worrying and start concerning yourself with what is more important in life.

Deceased Estate

When a loved one passes away, the family is left with decisions that can be emotionally overwhelming. Allow me to help relieve some of the burden by providing guidance and support. Proceeding at your pace, with dignity and respect, I can help you to work through this stressful time.

I understand that clearing an estate can often be an emotional undertaking and feel like a daunting task. There are many emotional hurdles to overcome, as each person feels the loss in a different manner.

House tweaking will recommend the best way to sort and categorize your loved one’s belongings, helping you decide whether to keep, donate or dispose of the items. Working closely with you we can ensure a lifetime of memories and personal belongings are distributed as per your family’s wishes.

I can assist you by doing the initial categorisation phase while you take the time to be with your family and friends. Often there may be time pressure for the deceased’s belongings to be removed from their home. Throughout this potentially difficult time, I can support the Executor of the estate to quickly work through the home in preparation for downsizing or quick sale. By not having a direct emotional attachment to the belongings I can sort and categorise them quickly and efficiently.

Moving & Relocation

Life is constantly changing. When it is time to move house or transition to a smaller home it can be beneficial to undertake de-cluttering prior to the move. This can save significant stress, time and expense during the packing, move and unpack. Ensuring you only take the items you actually want and need will ensure your new home will start fully functional and be immediately attractive. I can provide assistance for all or just some stages of the relocation (de-cluttering, packing, removalist liaison, day-of-move, unpacking and home setup). Your new home deserves a fresh start

Wardrobe Makeover

How many items in your wardrobe or closet do you wear or use regularly? Would additional space in your wardrobe be of benefit? Can’t find the item you want when you want it? Think you don’t have anything to wear? Let me help organise your wardrobe and closets so that the items you want are accessible and ready for the current season. Special techniques will help you decide what to keep, store, donate or discard


An efficient kitchen will allow you to create meals with the minimum of fuss and place commonly used items within easy reach. House Tweaking assesses the flow of activity within your kitchen and organises the placement of items to enhance and reinforce that positive energy flow. The kitchen should be viewed as a fun place to be creative, not a burdensome chore, confirming its status as the heart of the home

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I will tailor personalised lifestyle packages, specific to your requirements, budget and time frame



When should I start de-cluttering

When your clutter gets to the point in which it interferes with everyday life or you feel overwhelmed and stressed

How do I start

Call me on 0431 943 255 or email
This will instigate a short consultation to discuss your organising challenge and what it is you wish to achieve. If you wish to go ahead I will book with you a free initial 30 minute working consultation at your home for a visual assessment. This will allow me to ascertain the work involved and give you an opportunity to meet me and ensure you feel comfortable before we start to work together. I will explain the path forward and the various package options available

What are your rates

Services provided by HOUSE tweaking are priced by the hour and will be discussed with you during the initial home consultation, along with the standard terms and conditions. Packages of multiple hours are available with various levels of discount based upon the number of hours purchased

Is there a minimum charge

With the exception of maintenance appointments, there is a 3-hour minimum charge per appointment. In my experience, sessions shorter than this often do not produce the results you are after

What if I have to cancel or re-schedule

I understand that life is ever changing. Cancellations or re-scheduling can be made at any time, however, changes made within 24 hours of the booked appointment time may be charged a fee and this will be explained during the initial consultation

Are there additional expenses

Items purchased for storage or de-cluttering use will be charged separately to the Client. Our organising techniques of reuse, re-purpose and re-arranging what you already possess will save you money when de-cluttering your home

Do you offer Gift Vouchers

Yes, these make an ideal gift for those who have just had a life changing event, such as, a new baby or newly expectant parents, home relocation, busy professional lives, a bereavement in the family or maybe just a person who wants to simplify but does not know how to begin

A perfect gift for the person who has everything, but time!

If you are not sure what would be suitable please get in touch with me for a chat

  • Gift Vouchers are available in increments of 3 hours, for example, you can purchase 3, 6 or 9 hour sessions
  • There is a 3 hour minimum session length
  • All vouchers include a free 30 minute in home consultation prior to the first session taking place
  • Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of issue and are not transferable or refundable

Is HOUSE tweaking affiliated with any professional body

HOUSE tweaking is a member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and is bound by their Code of Conduct

What about my privacy

Given the sensitive nature of the work and the high level of trust it requires, our Clients can be assured of absolute privacy when working with HOUSE tweaking. Your personal information will never be sold or distributed

What areas do you serve

Perth metropolitan area

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